How to Embrace Your Beauty and Feel Stunning for Your Boudoir Photos

A boudoir photoshoot is a powerful way to give yourself confidence and help you feel like a goddess! But sometimes, the biggest obstable to giving yourself that gift is feeling like you’re not pretty enough for a boudoir shoot. I believe that every body is a beautiful body. I focus on highlighting your natural radiance with flattering angles, soft light, and a comfortable, and nurturing atmosphere. But if you struggle with certain parts of your body, you’re not alone. And you still absolutely deserve–and can achieve–amazing boudoir portraits. Here’s how to deal with common insecurities, embrace your beauty and feel stunning for your boudoir photos!

how to embrace your beauty and feel stunning for your boudoir photos


Bring on the form-fitting items! I often see curvy women trying to cover up more, but often that has the opposite effect. I adore bodysuits, tight dresses, and even nothing at all…especially for voluptuous bombshells! I will pose you to highlight the sensuousness of your curves and celebrate your gorgeous figure!

No Curves

If you feel like you have no curves at all, don’t worry. It’s all in the posing, girl! Form-fitting options and nothing at all both work great. I will guide you into poses that help you look and feel incredibly sexy and


Flat Buttocks

Thongs are a great way to go, as they make the buttocks look fuller than full bottoms or g-strings. Play around in the mirror to see what like best. And don’t worry, I’m a pro at creating curves through posing where there aren’t any otherwise and can get a fantastic tooshie shot even without natural curves to work with!

Shorter Legs

High heels are your friend, and be sure you choose a pair with a THIN heel rather than chunky! Avoid shoes with thick ankle straps or a square toe. Be strategic with color too: Nude shoes naturally elongate the legs.

Small Chests

Underwires and balconettes are lovely, as well as NO BRA AT ALL. Also, small boobs rock, so please don’t feel the need to create extra “oomph” unless it’s something that really concerns you.

Mom Boobs

If your breasts are a bit “floppier” than you’d like them to be, just be sure to snag a bra with some support. Form-fitting bodysuits are also a great option. Posing will play a huge role here, and I’m really good at that!

Stretch Marks and Scars

My personal belief is that scars tell a story. While some clients wish they didn’t have to be permanently reminded of that story, others embrace their scars as a part of who they are. For this reason, I will never edit out a scar or stretch mark unless you specifically request it. If you do want that retouching, I will happily do that at no additional charge. This is a VERY personal topic and it’s not my decision to make. I welcome scars and stretch marks, but I will support you in whatever you choose.

On this topic, I have so many organic and natural beauty products that can help with things like acne, stretch marks, puffy eyes, etc. Feel free to explore the shop if you are interested in enhancing your natural beauty with pure and holistic ingredients.

Not Sure How Much Skin to Show?

You get to choose how risqué you want your images to be. Many women are not comfortable disrobing in front of a photographer, and that’s okay! Beautiful and sexy poses are easily accomplished without removing all of your clothing. Some of the most beautiful poses still protect your modesty and can be incredibly alluring because they leave something to the imagination. I’ll guide you into poses that display only as much skin as you choose. It’s very important to me to provide you with an experience that feels safe and comfortable, so your comfort zone will always be respected in my studio.


If you’re nervous about posing, don’t worry! I have experience working with all body types and will make sure to show you exactly how to pose in the positions that best flatter your specific figure. A boudoir photoshoot is about making you feel sensuous, gorgeous, and comfortable. As you embrace your body and your own brand of beauty, your boudoir portrait session will become an opportunity to relax, have fun, and feel totally stunning!

Ready to embrace your beauty and feel stunning for your boudoir photos? I can’t wait to help you. Let’s meet for tea, take a stroll, or hop on a phone call to plan your next Norabloom experience.

Love, Holly

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