Preparing for Your Intimate Boudoir Photography Session

My boudoir photography style is very simple and is all about your natural beauty. I create a nurturing environment to help you feel relaxed, and know exactly how to pose and photograph you for the most flattering look possible. But is there anything you can do to enhance how you look and feel when preparing for your intimate boudoir photography session?


Here are a few tips to help you prepare and feel confident as you get ready for this amazing experience!

preparing for your intimate boudoir photography session

Preparing for Your Intimate Boudoir Photography Session: Beauty

Nails: A few days before your shoot is the ideal time for a mani-pedi. Chipped polish is distracting, as are bold colors, so go for a natural, nude polish.

Lips: Dry lips are very hard to fix! A few days before your session, use your toothbrush to make a few passes over your lips while you’re brushing your teeth. This will help shed dead skin. After that, apply a moisturizing lip balm. Repeat this each time you brush your teeth until the day of your session.

Skin: Supple is key for beautiful skin—and that means moisturizing! Be sure to moisturize your whole body at least twice a day for the week leading up to your shoot. Do not use tinted lotions or anything with color or sparkle. For a truly luxurious experience and great results, try Norabloom’s Safflower Body Butter. On this same note, absolutely NO spray tan or bronzers on your body. They photograph orange every time. Trust me on this!

Hair Removal and Waxing: You will feel great with silky smooth skin! Waxing is wonderful option for this. If you choose to wax your bikini area, please do so 3-5 days ahead, since you never know if your skin will react. Did you know Norabloom offers waxing services?

Hair: Although a facial and mani-pedi is a great idea, now is not the time to spring for a new haircut. Hair looks best when it has grown in for at least a few weeks. Just arrive at the studio with clean, dry hair and Norabloom’s professional hair stylist will take care of the rest!

Makeup: Norabloom’s intimate boudoir photography package includes professional makeup services, so all you have to do is arrive with clean skin!

Preparing for Your Intimate Boudoir Photography Session: Comfort and Confidence

Nerves: It’s natural to be a little nervous before your session, but my goal is to make this a comfortable and empowering experience. If you are feeling nervous, just remember to deal with it in nurturing ways, like a bubble bath and yoga session, or a pampering facial and massage. Just remember, no alcohol! Hangovers are not beautiful.

Stretch: The poses we use will look effortless, but some of them might feel a little unnatural. Take a few minutes the morning of your shoot to gently stretch your arms, legs, hips, and back so you can ease into those sensuous poses without feeling discomfort.

Positive Self-Talk: One of the best ways to mentally prep for your boudoir session is just to practice positive self-talk. Tell yourself that you are a goddess! You are stunningly, jaw-droppingly beautiful! Focus on the parts of yourself that you love, and know that I will highlight all your best features in the most flattering way possible.

If you feel a strong need to tell me what bothers you most about your body, just let me know by saying, “I love my ___, but my biggest insecurity is my ___.” I will be extra careful to play down any perceived flaws that you have. BUT I will also make it my challenge to take the best damn image featuring that part that bothers you and give you a newfound appreciation for it!

New York Boudoir Photography

I hope this post has helped you feel prepped and ready for your boudoir photoshoot. This truly is one of the most luxurious and empowering experiences you can treat yourself to, so I want you to enjoy every moment. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out. I would love to meet for tea, take a stroll together, or hop on a phone call to plan your next Norabloom experience.

Love, Holly

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