March 31, 2020

16 days since I stepped into my downtown beauty lounge with clients. 16 days y’all. This is a long stretch for me. In my 20+ years in business, I rarely ever even took a long weekend off, I never ever put my phone down, ever.  Here we are. Business is basically non-existent. Half the time, […]

March 24, 2020

Guided meditation and deep relaxation helps you to slow down, reset, and take a moment to enjoy the present moment. Enjoy! Sending lots of love, Holly

March 18, 2020

I am grateful for this moment. Even though I can’t  hug you hello, pamper you, chat face to face, or hug you goodbye. I can still be HERE for you. I have installed a new feature on the Norabloom website that allows us chat when I happen to be online. Give it a whirl, no […]

March 18, 2020

Dear beautiful friends,  As concerns about the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 increase, I wanted to personally reach out to update you on what we are doing to care for both our coworkers and clients during this time.  Our plan is as follows:  Working remotely, connecting digitally:Our online store will remain open with FREE SHIPPING […]

January 7, 2020

Not just any cake, chocolate cake. Today I am rewarding myself with cake. I have had an intense several weeks. Every single day has been about giving, nurturing, planning, cleaning, and deep thinking. Today is about me (and cake).’s something about tying on that adorable apron, turning my brain off (and phone) and just […]

December 23, 2019

I have spent the last several months refining the Norabloom brand to embrace my own personal need for simplifying. In the coming weeks, you will see the changes reflect in our beauty lounge, services, and with our new products on the shelf. The new packaging is eco-friendly with options for refills. I am so excited! […]


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