Reset Your Circadian Rhythm for Better Sleep with This Simple Daily Routine

Ever felt like sleep shouldn’t be so hard? A lot of sleep problems stem from our circadian rhythm (our body’s internal clock) getting off-kilter. Fortunately, it’s easy to reset your circadian rhythm for better sleep with this simple daily routine.

In the Morning

Soak Up the Sun

This helps signal to your body that the day has begun! Even spending just a few minutes in natural early morning sunlight can help reset your circadian rhythm for better sleep by encouraging your body to release energizing hormones. Releasing these hormones early in the day also helps the body know when it’s time to shift and release hormones that help you sleep.

Reset your circadian rhythm for better sleep

In the Afternoon

Limit Electronics

You’ve probably heard that you should avoid screens in the evening. In fact, limiting your use of electronics should start even earlier in the day to support a healthy circadian rhythm. Blue light confuses the body and makes your brain active when it should be entering a more relaxed state. If you have to use electronics after noon, use blue light blockers.

In the Evening

Help your mind and body wind down by going to bed at the same time every night, and by creating a consistent nighttime routine. This might include:

  • Drinking chamomile or caffeine-free green tea before bed instead of snacking
  • Write down anything on your mind for the next day so you don’t go to bed thinking about it
  • Calm your mind with a ritual like journaling or writing a few gratitude statements
  • Change into bedtime clothing that you only wear to sleep
  • Take a magnesium glycinate supplement an hour before bed
  • Do a deep breathing or meditation exercise shortly before going to bed
Cup of tea

Reset Your Circadian Rhythm for Better Sleep with a Calming Bedroom Environment

Your bedroom plays an important part in signaling to your mind and body when it’s time to rest. To reset your circadian rhythm for better sleep, you need to ensure that your bedroom is a calming and sleep-friendly environment by:

  • Keeping your room dark and cool
  • Staying out of the bedroom until it’s time to sleep
  • Keeping electronics (including your phone) out of your bedroom

It only takes a few small adjustments to reset your circadian rhythm for better sleep. Following these simple steps as you move through your daily routine can make a world of difference in increasing your energy, reducing brain fog, and improving your mood!

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