I love my family, my community, and my craft. On this JOY Journey, I decided to be unapologetically me. Yep, I am going to embrace that I love so many things. I simply cannot choose just one. I am the founder of Norabloom, an Esthetician, and a photographer.

Hey Y'All I'M HOlly 

Simple Living & Small Batch Beauty

16 days since I stepped into my downtown beauty lounge with clients. 16 days y’all. This is a long stretch for me. In my 20+ years in business, I rarely ever even took a long weekend off, I never ever put my phone down, ever. 

Here we are. Business is basically non-existent. Half the time, I have no idea where my phone even is. My emotions are… well I am calm and feeling grateful at the moment. 

Here I am, at home. I live on a farm on a hilltop with magical views and more deer than I can count. I have been (mandated literally) to stay home. We all have. Here is what I have been doing. 

I am living wild and free with my sweet little grand babe. 

I am yanking carrots out of the garden. 

I am (almost) ready for my first flock of spring chicks. Yes they already have names.

I have washed more muddy clothes recently than I have in my entire life. 

I am baking and cooking my most favorite recipes. 

I am resting. 

I am reading. 

I am meditating. 

I am doing yoga.

I am taking an online ballet barre class. 

I sit on the porch swing and get lost in the rhythm of the back and forth. 

I am cuddling with my tiny chihuahua Stella and my two barn cats Milly and Ruby. 

I am working on new Norabloom Bath Fizzies.

I am planning my next Motherhood Photography Event. 

I am truly and wholeheartedly finding solace in simple living, creating small batch beauty from home, and working on my next piece of art. 

I hope you are well, staying positive, and also finding your own kind of peace.

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